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Restore your Bags to Like NEW​​ with Lovin My Bags Services

Did you know that your leather handbags could be restored back to life?  Yes that's right!  Chanel, Hermes, Dior bags have the wonderful option of being restored to like new again, and with the handbag spa products developed with Designer leathers in mind, the maintenance and protection of your bags is now a reality.  Leathers are not all equal and products for car leathers are not recommend for handbag leathers - so trust your leather handbags to the founders of the handbag spa concept and technology Lovin My Bags by Barbara.

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Price varies according to the handbag:  complexity of the design, complexity of the color matching,  type of services desired and  type of leather. 

The condition of the leather is a very important factor affecting the restoration process.  If the leather has been cleaned with highly alkaline products such as saddle soap and other soap and detergent based cleaners, the leather will suffer pH damage; this will affect the end result of the restoration process. 

We do NOT recommend shoe polishes or furniture & car related leather products for your luxury bags, as most of these products are not pH safe and contain lanolin and mink oils, certain silicones and waxes - all of which interfere with restoration and may cause damage to finer leathers.

Cleaning & Stain Removal
Your handbag receives a deep cleansing with our special professional formulation to extract dirt and grim, while replenishing moisture into the leather. Worn areas receive color correction. From 3-4 weeks.

Sewing and Alterations:

Change the lining - replace leather - zipper replacement - 

Complete Color Restoration: 
This is the ultimate service for bags that are generally over 2 years old - faded, worn and need a complete re-makeover. The entire bag undergoes pH restoration, moisturizing, stain removal, repairs to damaged areas as well as full refinishing to the original color. This service brings your bag to a like new condition. This service is the most dramatic of all.  Turnaround time depends on the bag and the amount of restoration required - usually 4-6 weeks.

Handles treatment ( lightening ) exclusive to Lovin my Bags:
For leather handles of much loved bags, that have significantly darkened, this process is nothing but amazing. We extract all oils from the handles and then color correct if necessary. Handles are clean and free of oils. To maintain the results, "For Handles Only" is available as a topical cream application. This process and products was developed exclusively by Lovin My Bags.


Water and Stain Proofing: 

For naked leather and delicate skins, our professional water and stain proofing is second to none. With our advanced technology, our system will even prevent oils from staining your leather. This is a must for all new bags! 24 hour turnaround time for this service.

Spa Treatments exclusive to Lovin My Bags: 
This is a fabulous feel altering and super moisturizing SPA treatment for bags that need extra conditioning care.  With the latest in leather technology developed exclusively by Lovin My Bags, the feel and condition of the leather is noticeably improved and can be maintain with our custom moisturizers. pH optimized to leather this Spa Treatment is available only at Lovin My Bags by Barbara Boutiques and Spas

 pH Correction exclusive to Lovin My Bags:   
The importance of pH to leather is critical for longevity of the fibers. We restore the chemical balance with special pH factoring products. This is for bags that have been cleaned with soap and detergents -where the leather fibers have been weakened causing the leather to crack and deteriorate. Only available at Lovin My Bags.


NOTE: Because of the individual nature of leather handbags, we assess and confirm the price before proceeding with the services. Prices may vary depending on the condition of the leather.

CLICK HERE for restoration form for shipping your bag to Lovin My Bags by Barbara.


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​Is it that TIME again to CLEAN UP YOUR CLOSET​??

When it's time to clean out your closet to make room for new clothes, bags and accessories, think again - You may have a leather bag or jacket that can be restored to like new at a fraction of the cost - for example that faded Chanel fully restored will cost $395 to restore compared to $3000 for a new one.  Think of  Lovin My Bags the premier handbag spa  for your leather restoration projects.  We started the concept and we create all products and services exclusively for delicate leathers. so you know your investment is in the best care ever.

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