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Vachetta Protection

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Not all leathers are similar - there are chrome tanned leathers and vegetable tanned leathers.

Protect LV leathers
Protection for Vachetta Leather

Vegetable tanned vs Chromium tanned leathers

Lamb skins and soft leathers are usually chrome tanned while the harder leathers such as #vachetta leathers are an example of a vegetable tanned leathers; these leathers are susceptible to staining by water and oxidize ( darken) over time to what is called a patina.

Maintenance for vachetta leathers

The key to long lasting beautiful leather bags is protection:

  • Step 1: Pre-Treat Vachetta with Lovin My Bags Pre-treatment - this seals the leather evenly to prepare the leather for the protection step

  • Step 2: Apply a light coat of Lovin My Bags Protection - let dry than reapply a second coat.

After 24 hours - vachetta leather can cleaned and conditioned -

Don't wait ...

Best to prevent the stains rather than wait for the inevitable staining.

Lovin My Bags Vachetta Collection available only online at Lovin My Bags

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