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What you are saying about Lovin My Bags Products:

"Superior to any other product out there! "
Product: New Vachetta Collection

I've recently taken up refurbishing vintage LV bags so I wanted to compare LMB products to using Kiwi saddle soap, Cadillac Leather Conditioner, and Blackrock conditioner. All I can say is -- there's no contest! LMB is the best! Beautifully evened out the patina and the protective coat gives me confidence that the bag will continue to age gracefully. Amazing! 

Posted By: Kathryn M.

"Hi Barbara, Your products are amazingly effective. The botanical silk cleanser removed a bad case of denim dye transfer from my new, dove gray unfinished calf Emilio Pucci satchel. I feel good knowing that it is now well-protected with the 'Miracle Shield' and 'For Handles Only'! The cleanser and Botanical Silk Moisturizer also removed latex paint residue off of my dark gray Hermes Trim bag. Worth every penny, thank you so much for inventing them. A must-have for handbag collectors."

"It's here and I've tried it! The denim smudge is completely gone from my lovely banana bag! Lovin My bags works - thank you for being so pleasant to deal with.”

“ I absolutely love the cleaner and thanks for going the extra mile for me to get it to me on time! My bag has never looked better (even new!). So thanks again! I tell everyone about your products!”

“... The cleaner worked beautifully. It prompted me to pull out two leather jackets from my closet and go to work on them, with equally miraculous results. I have no idea why your product works better than other products, but I am a happy customer, and intend to tell my fellow handbag aficionados about it as well. ...” 

Most Delicate Cleanser:


Posted by Unknown on 12th Feb 2014

I recently purchased a beige Chanel Lambskin flap and made the terrible decision to wear it with an all black outfit... The coloring from the jeans and jacket bled onto the bag and I panicked! I ordered the delicate cleanser straight from Barbara's website and it came within three days. Honestly, I was a little skeptical about it at first but I thought if it worked it'd be well worth the money. I didn't want to send it to a Chanel spa and wait another four months. I was so happy to see the cleanser lifted the stains right off the bag! Some of the darker stains I had to clean twice (make sure to wait for the area to dry before doing again). I'm so happy that this product is available, even if you're aware of the color transfer on light colored Lambskin leather and try your hardest not to stain your bag, this product is a necessity to continue the beautiful upkeep of these gorgeous bags. 

I'll be purchasing the full delicate collection and recommend this product to anyone who is curious!



Vachetta Cleanser:


Posted by Unknown on 16th Sep 2019 
Wonderful product! Made my pre-loved Louis bag look much better! I was particularly concerned about handle darkening, and it made a real difference there. Smells great - easy to use - a little goes a long way! I'm back for the other products in the line! We need to protect those investment pieces!

Posted by Unknown on 5th May 2018 
This works beautifully. It removed quite a bit of the hand oils off my Louis Vuitton Speedy, and it smelled nice too. The protector was also really nice, left a light new sheen, and freshened the bag up.

Posted by Unknown on 21st Mar 2018 
I used this on my Speedy 30 Vachette handles and it cleaned the darkness away...the handles now look beautiful! 

Posted by Gwen on 7th Mar 2018 
One word fabulous. 

Posted by Unknown on 23rd Feb 2018 
I purchased this in an effort to restore a vintage Louis Vuitton Noe and the outcome was fantastic. 

Posted by Unknown on 20th Feb 2018

I wish I had taken before and after pictures of my LV Alma because it looks incredible. First of all they supply you with your cleaning cloth and sponges which I didn’t know so I thought that was a huge plus. Seriously this cleanser is incredibly easy to use and it completely removed any water stain on my old bag. My bag has a perfect honey brown patina now, the corners are refreshed, and any pre existing scuffs has been concealed. I was in shock when this bag dried after being cleaned like I really will never use another product for my bags because their results are perfect, it really doesn’t get better.

Posted by Unknown on 8th Nov 2017 

I ordered lovinmybags to clean a few vintage LV pieces. The products cleaned and conditioned my bags so well! Very pleased with the results. Highly recommend! 

Posted by kimmy on 27th Sep 2017 

My old LV bag came back to life after just one application. The water stains on the vachetta leather are almost all gone and the ones left are just very light now.
I think I can now get another few years out of my favorite bag before I have to make another investment into a new bag. Thank you Barbara!!!

Posted by Julie Reigle on 20th Sep 2017 

I had a pre loved delightful and the strap was sort of uneven in color with a few spots. I used the cleaner and now the strap looks even in color and it really helped on the spots they are way less noticeable I am very happy with the results. I used the whole line the protector and the conditioner I love it!

Posted by Monica Peña on 13th Sep 2017 

I cleaned my bags this morning and I was amazed at how beautiful they look! I placed a picture of the finished product in a Louis Vuitton group I'm in and they were in awe! I wish I could upload the picture and comments! So many ladies ordered your products after my posting. I was glad to share!


Posted by PAULINA BERRY on 10th Aug 2017 

Well, I ordered the Vachetta cleaner with a bit of hesitation because in the past....NOTHING has worked on LV leather handles. I read the information about it and ordered it. Well, as soon as I got it....I cleaned a few items and I was just in awe. I love keeping my purses very clean and this Vachetta cleaner is the best cleaner I have ever used & I have used many. It left the leather all the same color and unbelievably clean. Prior to getting this cleaner I had all but given up to ever having clean handles etc. Anyone who wants the leather cleaned not the Vachetta line. It is nothing short of amazing. I would like to see larger containers though !!!!

Posted by Rhonda on 16th May 2017 

This is the best! I clean and flip LV and this get the vachetta so clean and leave it soft, not dry feeling! 

LOVE !  
Posted by nina on 28th Mar 2017 

This cleaned up my keep all 50 I bought pre loved. Made a nice even color. I didn't the whole thing with the cream and cloth. I didn't wanna rub to hard with the eraser sponge. Thanks !! 

Posted by Unknown on 20th Feb 2017

It did a great job cleaning the water spots off of my new-to-me Montasouris GM!! 

Posted by Unknown on 19th Dec 2016 

This stuff is fabulous. I cleaned my Louis Vuitton with this and it was amazing. It did not dry out the leather at all. A must buy!!!!!!

Posted by Jacqueline Moore on 3rd Oct 2016 

This cleanser is great! I have so much faith in this product that no soil is a problem (within reason). I love ❤️ it and will try not to ever be without it. I feel adventurous and may buy a pre-loved bag and restore it.

Posted by TL on 6th May 2016 

Saw all the videos on how to clean a LV bag and so I thought I would give it a try. I was amazed that this worked so well. I used it on a bag that is over 20 years old and it really helped it out a lot. The cleaner is very gentle and easy to use. Shipped out right away and great packaging. Thank you!

Posted by Britney Jones on 21st Apr 2016 

I used this product on a preloved louis vuitton speedy. The handles were very soiled but this product got rid of the dirt and also lightened the handles the bag look so much better very impressed also I love the scent!!

Posted by Lori on 19th Apr 2016 

I had heard very good feedback, on these products. Now, I can confirm. I love it!
It absolutely makes a difference immediately. Do not hesitate to order. I ordered the cleaner
and conditioner. Shipping was fast !


Posted by Cynthia Howard on 2nd Feb 2016 

This is the best product on the market!

Posted by amber on 2nd Nov 2015

I used Apple cleaner and conditioner before purchasing loving my bags. Hands down loving my bags is way better. Apple brand left black stains on my delightful wrap and lovin my bags cleaned it right up. 

Posted by Unknown on 31st Oct 2015

I used the cleanser and conditioner on my Louis Vuitton vintage bag . It's like my handbags had a makeover, it looks fantastic.

Posted by BEBE on 21st Oct 2015

I was not sure the product was doing to work but I have been reading the reviews and everyone had positive things to say about the product. I had recently purchased a preloved LV which was not too bad but I am OCD so of course it had to be perfect. I used it on the spots which were questionable and WOW! I could not believe how clean it made the vachetta and that it did not ruin it and it is not oily. I recommended it to my sister and everyone I 


What you are saying about Lovin My Bags Services:

Just opened my box! I am beyond ELATED!! 
Couldn't be happier! showed them to my husband--he asked if you "detailed boots"--with a huge smile!! (he is an avid collector)
Many THANKS to you and your hubby!! I am just astonished!
Really appreciate you both!!
Have a fabulous weekend!!

"Barbara and Gary
Thanks so much for your work on my bag- it looks fantastic and I'm so happy with it ....
If it's ok I'll get back with some qs on caring for it, tired now after long day minding kids :) getting miss vif back gave my day a great lift, so pleased - thanks again!!
Also - big thanks for the products, you guys are great!
Happy client here."

"...Thanks for your open communication. I am so happy to hear this is solvable. This beautiful bag would be ruined if it weren't for knowledgeable people like you. Have a fantastic weekend! :) "

“... Thank you very much for restoring my bags! They look lovely and brand new. I will be sure to refer your services to all my friends ...” 

“... Just wanted to let you know I got the bag yesterday and you guys are AWESOME!! I can't believe what a great job you did. ...” 

"...if your handbag has gotten so dirty not even you can clean it up, then send them to get them cleaned and repaired at Lovin’ My Bags. This is a company that provides spa services for your handbags. They clean, repair and restore your leathers to look almost like new! Just check out the before and after photos for some of the Balenciaga's they have restored. It’s pretty amazing."
The Conscious Snob

"I just wanted to let you know that I received my bag in the mail today and it looks absolutely amazing!
Thank you so much for the great service, and I will always recommend Lovin' My Bags for anyone that needs their purse repaired."

"I received my 07 Mogano Step bag today and it's in immaculate condition. The handles look great! 
We Bal lovers are so lucky to have LMB around!! Thank you so much and have a great day!!" 

"Just received my bag- thank you it looks great! One of the women in the office will be contacting to send her white Chanel bag to be cleaned. So good to know you are out there!!"

"Just wanted to say thank you for stopping by on Wednesday and introducing your new line of products. I believe it’s a very good product. I will be recommending it to all our clients.
Have a great weekend!!!"
Max (BULGA) 

"Received my grey Balenciaga. Looks great! Thanks so much!

"Thanks so much Barbara !
It really looks fabulous.. :) I am so pleased with the result.
you are a miracle worker!
All the best"

"Hi Barbara.
All I can say is --wow. You know how bad the condition was and I'm so impressed. I was a little hesitant about the bag being able to be restored, but I'm not now! You guys are miracle workers! Thanks so much. "

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